Thiruppavai through Illustrative lettering
(PART 1- Hymn 1 to 15)
Thiruppavai is a set of 30 Tamil devotional hymns attributed to the female poet-saint-Alwar Andal, who is considered to be the incarnation of Bhuma Devi. She was born as a daughter to Periyazhwar, (one of the 12 azhwars as well). She is said to have fasted during the month of Margazhi and composed these hymns to attain the divine. 

Thiruppavai is a part of Nalayira Dhivya Prabhandham, a collection of works of all 12 azhwars. This compilation consists of hand-lettered posters of all 30 hymns in regional language with illustrations inspired by centuries-old Indian folk art - Odisha pattachitra style. This series is made out of profound love & devotion towards Kodhai herself, and to kindle interest in learning & getting to know about Thiruppavai
Sharing below the complete stepwise process of one of the Thiruppavai hymns illustration,

Step 1: Base thumbnail sketch - This is one of the most important steps, involving the complete ideation of the hymn and bringing out a quick rough thumbnail sketch(es)
Step 2: Refined sketch - Refining the thumbnail sketch with clean features & details
Step 3: Creating clean outlines, Step 4: Filling in base colours
Step 5: Adding in shadows, Step 6: Adding in Highlights
Step 7: Completing the final illustration with pattachitra style highlights & finer detailing
Details from each of the illustration
Flora & Fauna
Borders & pattern brushes used in the illustrations
And now, into the complete illustration set
Periyazhwar & Kodhai

In the 8th century, Vishnu Chittar, an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu was regularly offering flower garlands to the Lord Vadapathra sayee in the temple of Srivillipthur. Once on an auspicious Friday, he found a very radiant & charming baby girl near a Tulsi plant in his garden. He and his wife named her Kodhai/Godha, meaning a beautiful girl/flower. Raised her with all love and devotion, nurturing her with stories from the life of Lord Krishna. 

Kodhai grew up to be a determined graceful girl with abundant love for Lord Krishna and a desire to marry him & merge as one with him. As per her father's words, she observed the Paavai Nonbu during the Tamil month of margazhi and composed a set of 30 devotional hymns called Thiruppavai, in which she showcases her love & illuminates the path towards divinity.
Hymn 1: Margazhi Thingal - Rise of the divine month!
Hymn 2: Vaiyyathu vazhveergaal - The Do's & Don'ts!
Hymn 3: Ongi ulagalandha uthaman - Standing tall!
Hymn 4: Aazhi mazhai kanna - The appeal!
Hymn 5: Maayanai mannu vadamadurai mandhanai - Damodhara
Hymn 6: Pullum silambinakaan - Hari 
Hymn 7: Keesu keesendrengum - Kesava
Hymn 8: Keezhvaanam velendru - The dear one
Hymn 9: Thoomani maadathu - Madhava
Hymn 10: Nottru chuvargam pugugindra ammanaai - Narayanan
Hymn 11: Kattru karavai kanangal palakarandhu - Meghashyama
Hymn 12: Kanaithilang katrerumai kandrukkirangi - Sri rama
Hymn 13: Pullin vai keendaanai - Immerse
Hymn 14: Ungal puzhakkadai - Pankajalochana
Hymn 15: Elle! Ilangkiliyae - Surrender
Book prints with thiruppavai illustration, hymn & its meaning
Framed art print
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