Korravai | Martial arts school for women
Korravai (also spelt as Kotravai) is a Martial arts school for women. The name "Korravai" is inspired from the ancient Tamil goddess of war and victory. We wanted to convey that every woman has a warrior intact, also bring out and enhance the courage within by imparting ancient martial arts, self-defence techniques, culture and tradition associated with it. The brand identity was expected to be a minimal and straightforward representation of the brand.
Korravai brand story
Various visual metaphors associated with martial arts and women were considered keeping minimalism in mind. 
Visual metaphor brainstorming for brand identity design
Logo variations were worked on based on the metaphors, that best represent the brand. As the brand represents and brings out the ancient marital art techniques, especially for women, we used a minimal and abstract form of a woman with the bow and arrow in the final logo to identify the business.
Brand identity sketches exploration
Final 3 options for brand identity design
Logo is made in crimson red to show rage and fierceness and to represent bravery
Final brand identity design in English & regional language (Tamil)
Final brand logo
Brand logo mockup 
Brand logo mockup 
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