Celebrating men | Art deco illustrations
All of us have multiple facets & roles to play in life, this entire series is meant to celebrate the men in our lives, and to cherish them as they juggle between the bubbles
Rough thumbnail sketches
These are quick rough thumbnail sketches of the ideations for each of the character in their own bubble
Simple sketches from the visuals in mind with add on pointers 
Creating clean pencil outlines from the rough sketches in the previous stage
Stepwise process
From the outline stage, base colors with gradients are added
Shadows, details & final textures are added
He and his nothing box 😶
Visualisation of a guy who is lost comfortably in his ‘nothing box’, hands working on something whereas the mind is completely wandering with some random set of thoughts and the entire world goes mute.
He and his love for photography 📸
He and his craze for tech 📱
Visual of a guy in the surreal world imagining himself amidst bleeding edge tech completely oblivious to his surroundings
He and his weird dreams! ✨
Illustrated visual of a guy falling into his dream vortex 🌀
He and his own version of God! ✨
Visual of a Tambrahm guy amidst his compelled ritual!

He and his tiny human! 👨‍👧
Visual of a guy's first moments with the little one.
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